Get in shape while eating what you want

The folks at FastFoodFit came to us with a fantastic idea to help consumers stay on top of their macro nutrient diets by automatically filtering local fast food menu items based on set fitness goals, like muscle building or losing weight. 

They knew their product was great, they just needed the right branding and UX / UI design to take it to the next step, that’s where we came in.

First we helped FastFoodFit create a streamlined mobile app for iOS and Android that prioritizes the user experience. We then moved into logo creation, social media marketing, and more.

Check out FastFoodFit in the App Store and Google Play Store today!

Breaking the mold

When creating images for FastFoodFit’s listing in the App Store we wanted the app to have a very unique look that would quickly catch someone’s eye as they scrolled past.

With some outside the box thinking we designed the initial screenshots so that, when placed next to one another, they would appear as one seamless image.

Check it out!


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